Aaron Oldenburg, Maryland, University of Baltimore
“Ghost Hunter”


Gameplay consists of waiting and watching.  From a computer monitor, observe a recorded video loop of another room. When someone passes by a spot in that room, a shadow will appear on your screen rather than an image of the person. Click to snap a photo. If the player misses the opportunity or clicks after the shadow has passed, the other “player” receives a point. If one successfully photographs the shadow, the player receives a point. This game is played with people who do not know they are playing.  The project uses an infrared rangefinder to detect presence, Arduino microcontrollers and Xbee radios to send information between the sensor and computer.

Artist Bio

Aaron Oldenburg is a game designer and new media artist whose primary interest is in game rules as an expressive medium. His video and interactive work has exhibited in festivals and galleries in New York, Berlin, São Paulo and Los Angeles, including SIGGRAPH and FILE Electronic Language International Festival. He currently works on physical computing projects, designing new interfaces and electronic sculptures.

He teaches game design as an Assistant Professor in University of Baltimore's Simulation and Digital Entertainment program and has an MFA from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. In October 2003 he finished two years as an HIV Health Extension Agent for the Peace Corps in Mali, West Africa.