Jon Horvath, Wisconsin
“Abstract Food Ritual #1: Oreo Wars”

The Abstract Food Rituals consider a relationship with food which extends beyond nutritional consumption and dietary need.  Rather, it focuses on a behavioral element, unique to the human experience, grounded in curiosity, play, superstition and, often times, the absurd.  Abstract Food Rituals investigates the classification and personification of food, as well as, the process of shaping personal identities through interaction.

Many children incorporate play into their eating experience and I was no different.  Biting eye holes out of my bologna to make a mask.  Dividing the marshmallows from the oats in my cereal to facilitate a massive sugar rush.  Widening the center of a donut and wearing it as a bracelet.  Abstract Food Ritual #1: Oreo Wars embraces this relationship by putting the product of childhood play on display.  However, the result of this play is not simply an absurd visual, but serves to introduce the potential for metaphorical considerations of economic division, societal class structures and the competitive spirit which often drives the most insignificant of actions.

1.  Twist apart a Double Stuf Oreo cookie.
2.  Place the half that contains the creme center face-up onto the pile marked, "Winners".
3.  Place the half the does not contain creme face-up onto the pile marked, "Losers".


Jon Horvath resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.  He is presently a part-time faculty member of the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and an Associate Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Horvath received his MFA in Photography at UWM in December of 2008. His undergraduate studies were completed at Marquette University where he earned a BA in Philosophy and a BA in English with a focus on fictional writing.  In 2009 and 2010, Horvath was named an Emerging Artist Finalist for the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s Mary L. Nohl Fund Fellowship award.  Additionally, Horvath was the recipient of the Julie Jensen Bryan and Robert Bryan Philadelphia Museum of Art Purchase Award from work exhibited at The Print Center's 84th Annual International Competition for Photography.