Jonathan Clyde Frey, TN
“Game Structures/Social Structures”

Game Structures

I am interested in the way the structure of the typical game simulates a microcosm of society. Games are defined by their rules, and these rules generally set forth a governing system of social interactions. For the piece Translation, I use the structure of the typical crossword puzzle to reference the recent hegemonic relationship between the United States and Iraq. This crossword was selected from the March 19, 2003 edition of the New York Times; the day "Operation Iraqi Freedom" commenced. The gesture of translating the crossword from English into Arabic represents the incongruence of trying to “fit” Iraqi culture into Western cultural standards.

Artist Bio

Jonathan Clyde Frey is an emerging artist who currently resides in Johnson City and teaches at East Tennessee State University. His work explores the origins and objectives of modernist forms as a means of addressing themes of purity and universality and their relationship to community and social interaction. He was awarded a teaching assistantship to attend the University of Florida, graduating in 2008 with an MFA in Drawing & Painting. Since graduation he has taught at a variety of schools including Santa Fe College, the University of Florida and ETSU. In June 2010, he was awarded the Emerging Educator’s Fellowship from Integrative Teaching International to attend ThinkTank5 at the University of Georgia.

This past year, Jonathan’s work has been exhibited widely, including: the 2010 UAMO International Art Festival “Consensus/Nonsense” in Munich, Germany; the 2011 Bradley International at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois; and Game Show New York at Columbia University, NY.