Kat Schneck, NYC
“You Are What You Eat”

With the amount of information that one acquires in a day it is hard to filter facts from propaganda. How can we control who we are/become if we cannot control what we see?
The ethics relayed by mass media infiltrate our psyche. So, it is not a question of, whether popular culture affects our lives, but how does mass media affect miniscule to major life decisions we make? Specifically, these images have a lasting effect on a person’s sense of identity in a number of ways: Fashion choices. Body image. Elective plastic surgery. Gender specific roles. Eating disorders.

Through my series ‘You Are What You Eat’ I attempt to disrupt the viewer’s relationship with food to demonstrate the cycle of ingestion of information on a personal and cultural level. There are many associations that come to mind with a subject like food: nutrition, culture, domesticity, identity, eating disorders, and dieting. Each individual has a unique relationship with food that is specific to their environment, history, and personal taste; very much like the information one ingests consciously and subconsciously.

The ‘You Are What You Eat’ series consists of original food recipes I have created through a system of classification of people from different circles of association in my life (family, co-workers, friends, etc). I send each group the same question form to fill out. I ask them to name an ingredient, a measurement, and amount. I do not tell the participants why I am asking them these questions and I ask them not discuss it with others participants. Then, channeling famous chefs such as Julia Childs, I write a recipe and prepare the dish and consume it. Each recipe is documented through a video performance and photographs.

Artist Bio

Kat Schneck, is a visual artist who creates work in various mediums such as digital media, drawing, painting, silly putty, and sculpture. Kat’s current work is a powerful mediation on the self and the media, composed of a series of newspaper cut outs imprinted onto flattened pieces of putty, combined with photographic enlargement of these imprints. Both give us an alternative view of the scale and importance of the news and comment on the impact of the information on our consciousness. Kathleen explores the core of her artistic problematic: identity, individuality, and consciousness as manipulated, ambiguous, and positioned within the context of mass culture. Kathleen’s work is driven both by current political and cultural events, contemporary philosophy as well as her inner search and biographical experience. 

Kat Schneck graduated with an MFA in Visual Arts from Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2008. She currently lives and works in New York City.