Lee Walton, North Carolina
Baseball Drift

An unpredictable “drift” through NYC determined by the play-by-play events of “LIVE” MLB baseball games.

Rules of Play:

Artist Bio

Often regarded as an Experientialist, Lee Walton aims to connect people, raise awareness and reflect the culture we live in.  Walton’s art takes many forms including public events, interactive web-projects, orchestrated public performances, printed media and more.  He playfully explores aspects of public space, from real city space, shopping malls and neighborhoods to social media platforms.  His work often involves collaboration with numerous participants and practitioners from diverse fields. Walton has created commissioned projects for museums, institutions, festivals, and cities both nationally and internationally. He has also curated exhibitions and lectured extensively about his practice.Walton has received many accolades from museum funded projects (Reykjavik Art Museum of Iceland, ICA Boston, Rhizome at The New Museum of Contemporary Art, NY), public commissions (Flux Atlanta, Denver Public Art Council, SECCA, Art in General, Socrates Sculpture Park) national and international exhibitions (The Powerplant Gallery, Performa ’05, Island 6, Shanghai, China, The City Museum of Ljubljana) Honors (CAA Centennial, S.J. Truman Award) and collections (Martin Z. Margulies Warehouse, Columbus Museum, GA).  Walton’s work on paper is represented by Kraushaar Galleries in New York.  He is an Assistant Professor of Art at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. His work can be viewed at www.leewalton.com