Philip Noble, UK
“Bubble Dive/Safari”/“Ice pack/Penguin Game”

Bubble Safari/Bubble DiveThe object of bubble safari is to get the intrepid foil man to fly on the bubble as far as possible, in a house, or around a set of obstacles, by blown and making air currents with the hands and the body. Where he falls marks the spot of his journey's end. Videos here and here.

ICEPACK/Penguin GameA tile game for two players with a 'climate change edge' . It develops a good understanding of symmetry and pattern, is very tactile is easy to play, though complex to master. It requires the development of strategies of defense and attack that bring surprisingly close endings to most games. Who can best adapt their tactics and establish the larger colony of penguins on the ice flow? See a video here.

Artist Bio

Philip D. Noble is a pastor, trainer and visual storyteller who highly values the power of wonder and playfulness in effective cross-cultural communication. His calling as an 'itinerant gladness scatterer', has led him to develop clown and play skills which have taken him far and wide beyond the U.K, to Japan, Africa, U.S.A. and most countries in Western Europe.Philip has led workshops and given performances at the International Council of Children's Play in Zurich, Paris and Lisbon and has been a regular performer and workshop leader at the European Christian Artists seminar for the last 10 years and also at MultiFestivalDavid events in Spain. Philip is co founder of  International String Figures Society and a founder member of the British Origami Society,  the International Knot Tyers Guild. He has a doctorate from Fuller Seminary in California in Story, Journey and Encounter, and has written several books on play related subjects.In the past year he has been very involved in exploring the wonderful world of soap bubbles as a performance art. Website: