Teresa Petersen, Detroit
“Snack Attack” and “Operation”

1.  Snack Attack:  Just Like Bowling Except with a Shark and Ice Cream Cones. You have two rolls of the shark down the alley. Add up the points. Highest points win. 

2. Operation Game with Butterflys: made from the classic "Operation" board game, same idea, new pictures and added game pieces. The pieces can be moved around with the tweezers, and are metaphorical and symbolic.  Like throwing coins into a fountain for a wish. (Courtesy the collection of Christine Welch)

Artist Biography

Teresa Petersen is an artist living and working in the city of Detroit.  On her trip to and from her studio in the Pioneer building she is always on the lookout for interesting junk left out on the curb that she can incorporate into her artworks.After graduating from Michigan State University in 1990 with a dual degree in biology and art, she worked as both a scientific illustrator and a fine artist.  She eventually moved to the Detroit area, and in 1998 received her MFA from Wayne State University. Though Teresa originally worked in painting and illustration, she quickly became interested in collage and assemblage, and now mainly works in those media.  The objects she uses in her artworks come from many sources: thrift stores, auctions, hardware stores, and the curb on trash day. These places supply her with an interesting and all but limitless assortment of materials.

Teresa's artwork explores women's place in society, both past and present, and the repetition and idealization of women's roles.  Intertwined among these ideas are themes of nature, mass consumption, and re-use, and the exploration of these ideas within modern society.

The artist with husband Andrew Moskalik